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commercial window cleaning



Commercial window cleaning in Sydney

Our highly professional, commercial window cleaning services in North Sydney, North Shore and surrounding areas, offer the best aesthetic appeal for your business. Cleanliness is critically important to your businesses image. Your staff, present clients and most importantly, your prospective clients will appreciate a positive and healthy first impression about your company when they see clean windows.

A retail store, restaurant or business that doesn’t look after its image risks losing customers and potential repeat business. How often have you come across the situation where a business has dirty windows and your initial reaction is to hesitate doing business? The image a business portrays by not cleaning their windows signals poor self-worth and degrades itself as nonprofessional. Pride and image is vital for all businesses and Sunstruck Window Cleaning can help you become a valued and high-profile establishment.

Our Commercial Window Services

We are one of the leading 4-5 storey window cleaning services offering value for money service by adopting the latest techniques that is practiced in Australia only. We use environmentally friendly products that do not create an impact on your surroundings therefore producing a healthy and clean first impression look and feel. Your window glasses are sparkling clean without streaks, spotting or scars on your glass windows.

Why use us?



Clean up to a five story building safely from the ground (no ladder)


Reduce cleaning time up to 75%


Produce pure water for as little as $.03 per


Clean windows and frames

Environmentally Safe

No chemicals needed and windows stay cleaner, longer with no chemical residue

Compact and portable

Easily moved in and out of vehicles, up and down steps, and across any terrain

The Ultra Pure Water System uses Reverse Osmosis Deonizing process which offers the absolute purest water, a system can provide for the highest quality and fastest cleaning available.

At Sunstruck Window Cleaning we are ready to provide you with premium, efficient cleaning services that will restore your windows to their prime condition. We also offer window cleaning for residential properties.  Get in touch today!

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