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pressure cleaning / soft house wash


Why not wash the whole house in addition to your windows? Give your home that ‘just painted’ look by including a pressure wash with your window cleaning. Pool decks, roofs, fences, sidewalks & driveways also benefit from this service provided by the professionals at Sunstruck Window Cleaning Services.

Pressure washing helps to maintain your home and its value. It prevents the slow build up of dirt, mold, bird droppings, spider webs and other stains. Sunstruck Window Cleaners will ensure to use the appropriate water pressure for each unique surface to limit the possibility of any damage and we always use diluted Chlorine which abides within the environmentally safe level.

The cleaning procedure includes:

  • All doors and windows are tightly closed
  • Placing towels along bottom of all doors to prevent water flowing inside of your property
  • Remove or cover any non-waterproof items around property.
  • Switch of any outdoor lights or electrical equipment